“Men, Not Immigrants”: Sweden Rules Out Mapping Rapists’ Ethnicity

White man seems to be the common denominator to blame, for everything.

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Amid a hot national debate, Swedish Justice Minister Morgan Johansson has firmly ruled out the much-debated idea of publishing statistics on the nationality of sex offenders. He argued against “blaming it on immigrants,” when perpetrators “in fact” were men.

(Sputnik News)

Following the publication of a private report suggesting immigrants’ overrepresentation in rape cases, Sweden’s Conservative Party presented the Crime Prevention Council (Brå) with a proposal to map out the ethnicity of rapists in a comprehensive survey in order to shed more light on this sensitive issue. The last time a similar investigation was made in 2005.

“We want a new comprehensive mapping of sexual offenses. Who is the perpetrator and who is the victim? It’s important to be able to draw conclusions on preventive work,” Conservative spokesman Tomas Tobé said, as quoted by Swedish national broadcaster SVT. According to Tobé, the mapping should specifically include the rapist’s…

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“Men, Not Immigrants”: Sweden Rules Out Mapping Rapists’ Ethnicity