The Benefits of Ethno-nationalism

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(This is an edited version of an article originally published at The Council of European Canadians)

To most Westerners today, the words ‘nation’, ‘nationality’ and ‘law’ seem only to mean the state, citizenship, and legislation enacted by the state. But there are other meanings to these words, which were their primary and even sole meanings in the past. The nation was once the ethnic group, the tribe at large — nationality being one’s ethnicity. Likewise, the law was once the customs of the kin-group; in Europe. So how is it that kinship is ignored by Western states as the criteria for citizenship? And is there a future for the original understanding of these words?

Ricardo Duchesne points out that the rise of Western nation-states, including the US, was not based on civic nationalism, noting their ‘White-only’ immigration policies. He writes,

The nations of Europe were not mere “inventions”…

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The Benefits of Ethno-nationalism


Russia Observer

WESTERN VALUES™. I am weary of supposedly independent international surveys in which Russia is always near the bottom. At last Denis Churilov has taken the trouble and effort to consider the methodology and “independence” of one of them. Specifically the Press Freedom Index from Reporters Without Borders. RWB turns out – amazingly enough – to get money from the usual American GONGOs: USAID, NED and, of course, Soros. In short, what they used to call a “front” in the Cold War. Churilov looks at the methodology of the rating – selected people, subjective impressions – practically guaranteed to produce the “correct answer”. Then he looks at the answer in which – of course! – Ukraine scores much better than Russia. Churilov then itemises how preposterous this ranking is. These things are part of the propaganda war and should be seen as such.

MAKS. The military airshow is over. Video

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CIA’s Terrorist Regime Change Op in Syria Jumps the Pink Shark

Thanks Willy Loman aka Scott Creighton. ❤

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

On the “You Gotta Be Kidding Me” scale, this one is off the charts.

Sure, there was Nurse Nayirah, then Jessica Lynch, then the staged Saddam Statue saga, then the “Gaddafi gives Viagra to soldiers” story, then Pussy Riot, then Omran Daqneesh and finally… Bana before it. Spinning stupid pro-war propaganda via identity politics is nothing new for the CIA’s international regime change via terrorism PR support brigade. That much is clear.

But this… this… this is Fonzie Jumping the Shark, and that’s for damn sure.

Yes, in their effort to gin-up some new support for the illegal regime change via terrorism action in Syria, someone in the CIA’s propaganda division thought it might be a good idea to fabricate a gay division of terrorists working with the Glorious Kurds to ethnically cleanse Raqqa for Greater Kurdistan.

You might think it’s…

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CIA’s Terrorist Regime Change Op in Syria Jumps the Pink Shark

FRANCE – Why Are Jews At The Head Of ALL Islamic Institutions?

The Ugly Truth


On Thursday 08 December 2016, the French newspaper Le Figaro published an article about the highly anticipated creation of the  Foundation of Islam (in French).

It is has now been officially launched with the new Interior Minister’s warm blessings. The president of this new ‘Islamic’ foundation is Jean-Pierre Chevènement and its main financier is Serge Dassault. 

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FRANCE – Why Are Jews At The Head Of ALL Islamic Institutions?

Libertarianism Needs Nationalism (Not Statism)

Radical Capitalist

Author: Rik Storey

Why it Pays to Have a National Identity.

This article was originally published on

On the anniversary of 9/11, President Obama called for the US to embrace diversity.

The reason multiculturalism makes my blood boil is, whilst I am a libertarian, I am also strongly nationalistic.  Many libertarians confuse nationalism with collectivism, statism, and racism; the implication being, if you’re an alt-righter and share nationalistic sentiments, you’re no libertarian.  They assume we are delusionally taking personal pride in the historical achievements of long-dead, successful European people.  That is, we forget our individualistic selves and imagine a racial collective which can take credit for the achievements of others who share certain genes.  But, that’s not why I’m nationalistic at all.

Of course, I am proud of Western civilization for developing modern capitalism and an overwhelming number of other great innovations, just as I am proud of…

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Libertarianism Needs Nationalism (Not Statism)