Hathor Pentalpha, the international freemasonic lodge that created ISIS

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In his recent publication, Italian Freemason Grand Master Gioele Magaldi revealed for the first time the existence of secret but highly influential supranational freemasonic lodges, known under the name of “Ur-Lodges”. These international Ur-Lodges include eminent people of the politics, finance, military, intelligence, religious institutions and other areas of society. Ur Lodges are highly selective and only affiliate people of high inclination towards esoteric research. Ur Lodges coordinate a variety of subordinate ordinary and para-masonic associations and institutions at a global level and, either directly or via their proxy associations, strongly influence major geopolitical and financial events, like economical crises, wars, political revolutions, terrorist attacks. For example the Trilateral Commission, a major geopolitical think-tank created in 1973 by David Rockefeller ( of which former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti was European Chairman), was the supported by the Ur Lodge “Three Eyes”, one of the most powerful neo-oligarchical Ur…

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Hathor Pentalpha, the international freemasonic lodge that created ISIS


Ireland is being repopulated.


The Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that the 25 Africans granted asylum in Ireland from their German  ship in the Mediterranean will receive full welfare payments and houses/apartments here in Ireland.

They will be first brought to an induction centre such as at Ballaghadereen  for six weeks  before they are allocated full citizenship of Ireland, payment of up to 5000 Euro each under Emergency Needs, as well as the full dole.

Next will be a house or apartment for them in the State, such as here in Kilkenny. The entire process will only take a few months. They will, of course, be also entitled to work.

There has been uproar over a refugee in Ballaghadereen who was forced to wait a year for a house, while we hear of a man in Kilkenny who has been 18 years on the housing list here – and still homeless without a…

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