Immigration is ‘Off the Charts’…but be polite and don’t mention the Jews

There is no one issue more important at this time.

Fig Trees and Vineyards

If immigration to the US continues at its present rate, we Americans may one day in the not-so-terribly-distant future find ourselves in a predicament not unlike that of Swedes, Germans, and other European populations–that is to say with our culture and traditions in danger of being supplanted by tides of newly arrived immigrants.

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Immigration is ‘Off the Charts’…but be polite and don’t mention the Jews

EU planned mass immigration



Further research into the organisations behind the orchestrated mass immigration to Europe has led to more evidence of direct EU involvement.

In the above linked article we studied the Watch the Med website, a website dedicated to daily in depth study of the migrant movements through GPS analyses in the Mediterranean sea.

Firstly, connected to this, we can see that Frontex, the EU border organisation is actively seeking the refugees when they leave the African coast, most probably in coordination with organisations as Watch the Med:

We also found funding through indirect channeling of EU Commission funds towards this organisation. We can find on the Watch the Med website (scroll down) the following info:


When you click on the PRO ASYL link you are redirected to the PRO ASYL website, where you can search for the page ‘Our Network‘ on the English version. When you scroll down you…

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EU planned mass immigration

Robert D. Steele: “The White Helmets were paid to create a false flag chemical attack”

Algérie Résistance


Robert David Steele. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Syrian troops with the Russians are gaining ground and are winning the war. What is your reaction to this so-called chemical attack in Syria? How do you think this chemical attack occurs when the US says Assad’s departure is no longer a priority?

Robert D. Steele: The attack was a false flag attack intended to deceive President Donald Trump and his closest advisors. 

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Robert D. Steele: “The White Helmets were paid to create a false flag chemical attack”

Social Security Card Number tattoos predated Auschwitz & German National Socialism

Daniel Ruth News - He is exposed & defeated (again!)

Social Security Number Tattoo from 1939?
social security number SSA

America’s Police State: Social Security Number 1939 ?
social security number SSA


Oregon, August 1939. “Unemployed lumber worker goes with his wife to the bean harvest. Note Social Security number tattooed on his arm.” Oregon, Marion County, near West Stayton.

And now a bit of Shorpy scholarship/detective work. A public records search shows that 535-07-5248 belonged to one Thomas Cave, born July 1912, died in 1980 in Portland. Which would make him how old when this picture was taken? 27?

The letters are SSA not SSN. They stand for Social Security Administration. SSN did not become a common acronym until after World War II. The first SSNs were issued in 1935, not long before this picture. The New Deal agencies were referred to back then as “the alphabet agencies” and then “alphabet soup.” For example, Lange, a photographer working for the RA, had previously…

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Social Security Card Number tattoos predated Auschwitz & German National Socialism

Vox Clamantis: The Deer’s Cry (Music by Arvo Pärt)



Vox Clamantis

Arvo Pärt’s music comes in various shades, and for those of us who prefer the most calm-inducing pieces, this release, which features shorter and more recent compositions, is a great find.

No one does Pärt like ECM and these seventeen voices create a collection as peaceful and pure as any I have yet heard.

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Vox Clamantis: The Deer’s Cry (Music by Arvo Pärt)

Modern Populism

Author: Alexander Dugin

Translator: Jafe Arnold

Dugin’s Guideline – 

As of late, European intellectuals are discussing a new political concept that is becoming increasingly relevant: the populist moment.

They are worried by left-wing Schmittians in the likes of Chantal Mouffe on the one hand and, on the other, the brilliant ideologist of European conservatives and the “New Right,” the most formidable and influential figure in intellectual Europe, the philosopher Alain de Benoist. Both right and left are publishing texts dedicated to the populist moment, each offering different interpretations, arguments, and predictions for the future.

What is the populist moment?

First of all, it is the emergence in politics of leaders who become extremely popular by appealing to the broad masses while not concerning themselves with the ideological coherence of their platforms and positions. These are first and foremost Putin and Trump, whose views are difficult to qualify in conventional categories…

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Modern Populism