Then They Came For Roger Stone

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I’m usually wary of writing about American issues because of the risk of distance blurring vision – but from where I’m standing the case of the jailing of Roger Stone is so appalling, and such an obvious attack by traitors on the very democracy of America, that I hope any American readers will forgive me running off at the keyboard.

The laughably-named Democrats – Nancy Pelosi having last been seen cosying up to unelected dictator of the 4th Reich, Ursula Von Der Leyen – are on a mission to destroy the most powerful bastion against Globalism.

They have tried deriding the president, they have tried deriding those who voted for him, they have accused him of sexual assault, racism, treason, collusion with Russia. About all they haven’t, so far, accused him of, is strangling kittens and prostitution – and you can bet they are working on that, right now. They…

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Then They Came For Roger Stone