Clinton Foundation ties to Albanian human organ and drug trafficker exposed in State Dept. emails: U.S. backed Albanian P.M. of Kosovo Hashim Thaci

Adara Press

  • “Is Thaci still embroiled in organ harvesting issues and is that of consequence?” Desai asked in the email, which the State Department recently released to Citizens United.

“Vice News reported in 2014 that an American diplomat who was appointed in 2011 by the European Union to investigate the claims, found that the KLA murdered 10 Serbian and Albanian prisoners and sold their kidneys and livers on the black market.

thaci_civilian_w_soldiers-kla-kosovo-uck-guardianVice also reported that Thaci was known in his KLA days as “The Snake.”

Despite awareness of the gruesome allegations against Thaci, the Clinton State Department appears to have approved him to attend the 2011 CGI conclave. He also attended in 2012 and 2013.”


“In 1999 Kosovo Albanians put over 300 hostages in trucks and transported them across the border to Northern Albania, where their organs were taken out and sold.”

Carla Del Ponte, former Chief Prosecutor, ICTY

“On Feb…

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