My Experience with Quora’s Collapse Detectives

Banned from Quora; Published here

A few days ago, an answer I wrote to a question (How does Israel justify being a democracy when it blocks websites? ) asked by Radi Annab on Quora was “collapsed” by Quora Moderation.  That means it becomes invisible to the community.

Answers on Quora are collapsed when they are reported as breaking Quora “Be Nice, Be Polite” policy or any other policy.  There is a strong perception among many readers that Quora’s Zionist members aggressively and maliciously report and collapse answers criticizing Israel and Zionism (often on the basis of “anti-Semitism”), and engage in familiar hasbara dirty tricks like causing questions to be deleted and erasing relevant topics (in order to limit circulation) or merging one question with another by way of hiding certain answers they don’t like.  If a writer is found to be in repeated violation of Quora policies, he or she is banned, as I…

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My Experience with Quora’s Collapse Detectives