An Introduction to Scottish Dawn

Scottish Dawn

Scottish Dawn is a new Identitarian social movement formed from various organisations in 2017 to develop a coherent conception of Scottish identity and secure its place within Scottish Politics.

Our people are intensely proud of being Scottish and so they have been easily misled by false leaders who have come to represent the worst aspects of the globalist system, the Westminster liberal elite, and crony capitalism under a guise of supposed nationalism. Their vision for Scotland; A ‘free’ independent Scotland that is a one party plutocratic state obeying orders from Brussels. A ‘state’ where our own people are taxed and bled on the altar of the so-called ‘refugee’, where the oil, land and resources are owned exclusively by foreigners. The white working class is ignored, leaderless, voiceless, futureless; hooked on welfare, and left in conditions designed to create internal conflict while those who exploit them are united in our suffering.

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An Introduction to Scottish Dawn