Trump and Anthropology


We are the new Indians…there are people today who want to discover us again, who want to conquer, enslave, and colonize us, and who want to use us like the conquistadores once did….The Indians were sacked for centuries…we are the new Indians and we need defenders.

“We are doing worse than our Indians did during colonial times, because at that time there was no illiteracy. They had their culture. There were no differences. There were no beggars then. There were no beggars. There were no abandoned children. All these inequalities and this tragedy did not exist. These things that the new Indians are enduring did not exist then”. Fidel Castro, 1990a

A Thanksgiving

For what I had characterized as a key world-historic event, I had to offer rare (unprecedented) thanks to the US for producing such an exciting and even inspiring electoral campaign, which I began to…

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Trump and Anthropology